Bark and Fester LLC or BKNFR is an independent games development studio working on its debut game, a 3D-pathfinding-twitch-puzzler with soft sounds and teeth-grinding tension. It’s called roTopo and it’s a pretty great little game.

BKNFR is made of Bark and Fester, who remain anonymous so, on the off-chance that either makes a something-drunken tweet about “Hilldog” or the Emmys, nobody will try to kill them. The third-person voice is just a way to protect Fester’s fragile and dissociated psyche. Bark is being very understanding about it, bless him.

BKNFR will [have the ability to] continue to make games if roTopo is successful enough. That starts with you, crawler/visitor. They want to make games about escaping meteors and hypertext lit and about eating our world, but doing it sustainably and only when roleplaying as frogs.

BKNFR is also developing Frog Fractions 3, God Hand 2, Stars Wars 1313, and the Phantom Dust reboot. Stay tuned.


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